President’s Message – April 2015

Well, our parade season has concluded and our proud band of music men are hopefully warming up and reacquainting themselves with their families. Congratulations on a job well done.

Thanks to all that came out to march in the Belmar Parade. Our club as a whole will strive to do a better job representing our division in the Belmar Parade. Less than 10% of our members march (we have 252 members, 22 members marched). As you can see from the pictures, it wasn’t the best marching weather, but it was still fun. The Belmar Parade was followed by the Rumson and Highlands Parades the following two weekends. The weather was a vast improvement for those two parades. All brothers are invited to march with the band wherever they play. Those who march know we have a lot of fun during and after the parades. It is an honor to march in the Belmar parade, behind our band and for our heritage. I am hoping we can generate more enthusiasm for the Rumson and Highland parades as we do for Belmar next year.

The club had a successful Parade day after the aforementioned parade as well as a good night on March 17th. Thanks to all of those who visited our club on those and other days.

I cannot end this month’s message without gladly mentioning what Jim Shaw has accomplished with his alma mater. The headline in today’s Press (Seraph’s Fund Hits $1,000,000! Major step forward in bid to save Mater Dei Prep) is so telling of how we are so lucky to have Jim as the greatest ambassador to our faith. It is no wonder that Jim will receive the Volunteer Pat Torphy Medal Award in recognition of his tremendous work promoting Catholic education at our annual convention.

Please make every effort to attend the State Convention May 1st and 2nd. All information concerning the convention is enclosed.

Living our Motto,